Liability Issues For Injuries in a Ridesharing Accident

Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have made transportation services more convenient. However, as ridesharing has risen in convenience as well as popularity, car accidents involving Lyft and Uber have risen as well, and accidents involving rideshare drivers happen fairly regularly. There are many legal issues that can arise in accidents involving rideshare vehicles, but in some cases, victims can recover significant compensation.

If you suffered injuries in a crash involving a rideshare driver, the resulting liability claims could be complicated. Always seek help from an Indiana rideshare lawyer as soon as you can. 

Who is Liable If You are Involved in a Rideshare Accident?

If you are hurt in a rideshare accident, there are multiple parties that may be liable. As is the case with other motor vehicle accidents, the at-fault party or parties will be the ones responsible for compensating you for your injuries and losses. This makes it critical to identify all possible sources of liability.  

Some parties that might be liable for your injuries include:

  • Rideshare driver – If the rideshare driver was negligent, their insurance should cover your losses. 
  • Rideshare companies – If the rideshare driver was negligent while they were picking up a passenger or had a passenger in the car, there will be supplemental liability coverage by Uber or Lyft.
  • Third parties – Not all rideshare accidents are the fault of the rideshare driver. If another driver was to blame, their insurance should be liable for your losses. 

The claim can get even more complicated when two or more parties share fault. You need to seek compensation from all liable parties, and this is best accomplished with the help of an experienced rideshare lawyer.

Are Uber And Lyft Drivers Required to Have Insurance?

Most drivers are covered by their personal auto insurance policy. However, personal auto insurance policies contain a business-use exclusion clause, which means that coverage does not apply when the driver is using their vehicle for business purposes. So how would you get reimbursed if a rideshare driver is responsible for your accident? 

Both Lyft and Uber provide liability coverage for their drivers, though the amount of coverage provided depends on the period in which the driver is in. There are four different periods for coverage, and determining which coverage applies to you can be highly complicated. 

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Rideshare accidents can lead to multiple insurance claims, and dealing with all of these companies can be complicated. While you are focused on recovering from your injuries, you want an experienced lawyer handling the claim process. The right legal representation can relieve stress and often improve the outcome of your claim.

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