Criminal Charges Filed in Attack, But Victim Still Suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury

On June 15, 2017, officials announced criminal charges in a bizarre case that left a Dyer man with a traumatic brain injury. According to a Chicago Tribune report, a man contacted police on February 22, 2016 to state that his 54-year-old father was acting disoriented and confused. The victim was unable to explain a head injury he’d suffered, and was taken to Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Upon investigation, authorities pieced together that the man was attacked around February 19 by another individual. Even 17 months later, the victim continues to experience medical effects of his traumatic brain injury (TBI), including a temporary inability to speak, memory loss, seizures and a permanent deformity of his skull from surgery. The impacts of a TBI are severe, but a Munster head injury attorney may be able to help the victim recover for his losses.

Factors to Consider in TBI Injuries

Head injuries are unlike other personal injury matters because of the specialized medical treatment necessary, especially when surgery is required. The physician specialists that perform procedures on the brain are among the highest paid medical professionals, including neurologists, cerebrovascular and skull base practitioners, and others.

In addition, TBIs typically require lengthy hospital stays before it’s safe for a victim to return home. These are billed separately from the procedure services of specialists and other healthcare providers. Hospitals may charge up to $4,000 per day, depending on the specific services you require.

After leaving the hospital, you can expect recovery for a TBI to last for weeks, months, or even years. Physical therapy, rehabilitative care, and occupational therapy are usually required for the most serious brain injuries.  

Non-Medical Factors

There are areas of your life affected by a TBI which may not apply if you’ve suffered injuries to other parts of the body. Any injury can lead to you to be out of work; for a TBI, that time away from your job can be years, and your lost wages will be considerable. If you’re permanently disabled and unable to work, there’s an impact on your future earning potential. Plus, there are costs related to treating the side effects of severe head trauma. The brain is responsible for the functions of the body, and all of these can be affected if you suffer a TBI.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney with Experience in TBI Cases

Whether caused by an accident or an attack, TBIs have devastating consequences for the victim. Medical treatment for these types of injuries may include surgery, rehabilitation therapy, and long-term care; some victims never fully recover and must deal with the effects of a TBI for a lifetime. Plus, the pain and suffering is tremendous. Fortunately, Indiana law does allow the victim of a TBI to recover compensation, but these types of cases are extremely complicated. You need a personal injury attorney with an extensive legal background and specific experience with head injury cases. If you or a loved one has experienced a TBI or similar type of injury, please contact the lawyers at Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock, P.C. to schedule a free initial consultation.