Common Back-to-School Injuries 

Back to school is nearly upon us, which makes it a good time to review common back-to-school injuries and how to avoid them. While the COVID-19 pandemic has left our lives a bit uncertain, and we’re not sure of what returning to school is going to look like this year, a safety refresher is always a good idea. If your child is injured in a back-to-school accident in the coming school year, reach out to an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney.

Pedestrian Accidents

If your children walk to school, going over the safety basics at the beginning of the year is helpful. For younger children, making a test run is a good idea. When it comes to the rules of pedestrian safety for children, all of the following apply:

  • The fewer streets that your children need to cross, the safer the route is. Choose a route that bypasses unnecessary street crossings. 
  • When crossing guards are on the job, always cross at the intersections where they’re working. 
  • Choose a route to school that is free from dangers such as road construction, construction sites, areas that are obscured from view, and more.
  • Walk with others, since pedestrians – especially children – are safer in groups.

Bus Accidents

If your kids take the bus to school, it’s important to recognize that bus accidents happen and that they are often very serious. The best way to help ensure your children’s safety is by teaching them to adhere to all of the following guidelines:

  • Gather at the designated bus stop and stand well away from the road
  • Never approach the school bus until it’s come to a complete stop and opened its stop sign
  • Never get up to exit the school bus until it’s come to a complete stop, and the bus driver gives you the go-ahead. 

Accidents on the Playground

Playgrounds are a great place for your kids to get a bit of exercise and run off some of that excess energy, but playground accidents can be very dangerous. Keep the following in mind:

  • When a playground’s ground covering is hard and unyielding (like concrete), it can make slip and fall accidents that much more dangerous.
  • When the equipment on playgrounds is not safely designed, safely manufactured, and safely maintained, it can lead to exceedingly dangerous accidents.
  • When playgrounds are built in direct sunlight with no shade, equipment that’s made of metal can become dangerously hot.

An Experienced Indiana Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

COVID-19 has thrown many unknowns into our plans, and when and how kids will go back to school is one of them. Whether your kids return to school in September or at a later date, however, it’s obviously important to prioritize their safety. If your child is injured in a back-to-school accident, the dedicated Indiana personal injury attorneys at Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock, P.C., are committed to using their considerable resources and skill to aggressively advocate for a case resolution that favors your child’s health, well-being, and recovery. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.