Tire Blowouts Can Cause Serious Injuries

No one has to tell you that having a tire blow out at highway speeds is dangerous – especially when you share the road with other vehicles. When a tire blows, it can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, which greatly increases the risk that any ensuing accident will be life-threatening. If you’ve been injured by a defective tire that blew out on the road, seek the professional legal counsel of an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney today. 

Tire Blowouts

Our tires tether our vehicles to the ground, and when one blows, it not only reverberates throughout the vehicle but also diminishes your traction with the road. Slowing down suddenly at highway speeds in the best of circumstances is difficult, but when the slowdown is caused by the sudden impact of a tire that blows, it makes things that much more terrifying and deadly. 

Truck Tires

When a truck’s tire blows, it’s an even more dangerous proposition. The loss of a tire on a semi-truck makes it much more difficult to control, and when a trucker loses control of his or her rig, it can lead to catastrophe. Further, as the blown tire flies through the air, it can cause serious damage not only for occupants of those vehicles that are close by, but also for traffic to the rear, as it litters the roadway with debris. Trucking companies are responsible for maintaining trucks that are roadworthy, and truck drivers are responsible for adhering to careful maintenance checks that include safety checks of their tires. When either fails in these efforts, dangerous tire blowouts and truck accidents can ensue. Further, the manufacturer of the truck’s tire in question can be found liable for manufacturing defects. 

Defective Tires

Tires are the first line of defense when it comes to driving safety, and when a tire blows out, the results tend to be drastic. Because of the close correlation between tire blowouts and life-threatening car accidents, tire manufacturers are responsible for all of the following:

  • Designing tires that are safe for normal usage
  • Manufacturing tires that are safe for normal usage
  • Testing their tires to help ensure they are safe for normal usage

Tires with design or manufacturing defects that go unchecked can lead to deadly tire blowouts.  

Low Tire-Pressure

Low tire-pressure is also closely associated with tire blowouts. While inexpensive and dependable in-vehicle tire-pressure monitors have been available for years, many car manufacturers fail to incorporate them in their vehicles, in spite of the fact that they could help save lives.

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