Driving with a Suspended License in Indiana

For many people, daily life is hard to imagine without a car. We rely on them to commute to work, take the kids to school and complete other errands. If you’re found driving with a suspended license, you can end up in a complex legal battle that makes your life even more difficult. Fortunately, there’s hope when you work with a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with traffic laws in Indiana. Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock delivers tenacious support through your case. If you need advice regarding your specific circumstances, call our firm for a consultation. 

What Happens If You Violate Indiana Traffic Laws?

Even though most of us need to drive for one reason or another, we are not entitled to such a right. Your driving privileges can be revoked in Indiana due to many reasons, including traffic offenses. Laws prohibit individuals from driving without a valid license. When someone drives under license suspension, their actions violate Indiana Code (IC) 9-24-19-1. Penalties for a Class A infraction can involve fines of up to $10,000. As such, it’s recommended that you speak to an attorney to discuss the possibility of obtaining specialized driving privileges or license reinstatement. 

Possible Consequences of Driving on a Suspended License in Indiana

In Indiana, driving while suspended can lead to jail time. You may face up to a year in jail if you are convicted of driving under suspension for a second time in the span of 10 years. Violating IC 9-24-19-2 is considered a Class A misdemeanor, and law enforcement may charge you with such if your license was revoked due to a drug charge. Notably, driving with a license that was suspended due to drug-related charges can result in even more significant penalties. These consequences may be further increased to felony charges if a catastrophic accident occurs.

  • If someone is injured in an accident that occurs while your license is suspended, you may face a Level 6 felony that can lead to two and a half years in jail. 
  • If another person dies or is catastrophically injured in an accident that happens while your license is suspended due to a drug conviction, you may face a Level 5 felony that can result in up to six years in jail. 

Given the significant penalties for driving on a suspended license, the first step you take should be to contact a criminal defense attorney. We can provide in-depth advice regarding your individual circumstances and help you understand Indiana traffic laws. Our attorneys are here to guide you to the resolution you need and help you learn what it takes to protect your best interests. 

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If you were caught driving under license suspension, Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock can help you learn about your options. We can explain the criminal justice system and help you understand the potential consequences that you face. Building a defense strategy can increase the chances of an outcome that supports your interests, so contact us to schedule an initial consultation.