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St. John DUI Lawyer

St. John DUI Lawyer

Under Indiana law (IC 9-30-5-1), you can be charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) if you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher. An OWI is often known as driving under the influence (DUI). A driver in Indiana can also be charged with OWI/DUI if that individual is driving under the influence of a controlled substance. In some cases, having a valid prescription for the drug can be a defense to a DUI charge.

Whether you were wrongly charged with an OWI/DUI and are working to prove your innocence, or if you know that you did consume alcohol or drugs prior to driving and need help to aggressively defend the charges, a St. John DUI defense lawyer at our firm can help with your case. At Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock P.C., we are committed to helping Indiana residents with a wide variety of DUI issues, and we will work tirelessly to provide you with the best defense we can.

What Happens When a Driver is Charged with OWI/DUI in St. John?

If you are arrested for OWI/DUI, you need to understand the consequences. According to a fact sheet from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, the following represent the series of events that result from a stop and arrest for operating a vehicle while intoxicated:

  • Your person and your motor vehicle will be searched by the law enforcement officer;
  • You will be handcuffed, and you will be transported to the police station in a law enforcement vehicle;
  • Your motor vehicle will be towed, and you will be responsible for the charges;
  • You will be required to submit to a breath test to determine your BAC;
  • Driver’s license will be suspended for at least 30 days if you have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher; and
  • You will need to have bail posted to be released from jail.
To be clear, an individual who is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving or drugged driving can refuse a breath test, but there are serious consequences. Under Indiana’s implied consent law (IC 9-30-6-1), if you refuse the test, you will automatically have your driver’s license suspending for one year.

Consequences of St. John DUI/OWI Convictions

Upon conviction of DUI or OWI charges in Indiana, the defendant can face serious consequences. First, you may be required to do jail time, and you may be required to pay a substantial fee. Next, even when the terms of your sentence are complete, you will have a criminal record. This means that, in any application for employment, credit, or housing in which you are required to disclose a criminal record, you will have to answer in the affirmative. Specific Indiana penalties for OWI convictions depend upon whether you are convicted on a 1st offense, 2nd offense, or 3rd offense. Subsequent convictions come with stiffer penalties. Generally speaking, however, even a first-time offender can face the following consequences upon conviction:

  • Jail time (up to one year for first-time offenders, and anywhere from five days to three years for a second offense);
  • Monetary fines (up to $5,000 for a first offense, and up to $10,000 for a second or third offense);
  • Probation and the terms of probation; and
  • Driver’s license suspension (up to two years for a first offense).

Seek Advice from a St. John DUI/OWI Defense Lawyer

Are you facing DUI or OWI charges in Indiana? An experienced St. John DUI defense attorney can help to build a strong defense for your case. Attorney Michael D. Babcock is a former Deputy Prosecutor with the Office of the Prosecutor of Lake County, and can use the knowledge he possesses to assist you with your case. Contact Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock P.C. to learn more about our commitment to helping Indiana residents facing DUI charges.

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