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DUI Lawyers Griffith

DUI Lawyers Griffith

At Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock P.C., we understand what you stand to lose when facing a DUI conviction. Not only do you risk losing your driving privileges, facing job issues, and hurting your personal life, but you also stand to face harsh penalties that could humiliate you and crush your finances. But you don’t need to fight a DUI charge (technically an OWI or Operating While Intoxicated under the Indiana Code) on your own.

Our experienced Griffith DUI lawyers are here for you. 

Penalties for DUI/OWI in Indiana

In Indiana, you could be charged with OWI if you were caught driving with a BAC (blood alcohol level) of .08 or higher. The specific penalties you face would be based on your BAC during the DUI incident, your driving record, and the facts of your case. You could even face imprisonment if you get convicted for a first OWI offense. Possible penalties could include:

  • $500 up to $10,000 in fines
  • Anywhere from several days of jail time to six years imprisonment
  • Driver license suspension or permanent revocation
  • Mandatory alcohol and/or drug treatment program
  • Probation
  • Interlock ignition device (IID) installation

What Our Griffith DUI Lawyers Can Do For You

Fortunately, it is possible to fight a DUI charge with the right Griffith DUI lawyer by your side. Your defense lawyer can fight the charges against you by using the following strategies:

  • Figure out whether your rights were violated during the arrest or if there’s evidence against you that was obtained illegally.
  • Look for possible reasons or alternative explanations for why you failed the breath test.
  • Review the arresting officer’s report for any discrepancies.
  • Determine whether there are audio or video evidence or witness testimonies that contradict the arresting officer’s report.
  • Determine if the breathalyzer or sobriety tests were conducted properly.
  • Check for lack of calibration, bad data, or any glitches from the breathalyzer or other chemical testing device.
  • Figure out whether the lab technicians that conducted the chemical testing are certified or licensed.

These tried and tested DUI defense strategies are commonly used to weaken the prosecution’s case by throwing out or refuting the evidence against you. If the prosecution determines that their case against you will not hold up in court, they might decide to drop the charges against you instead of heading to trial. 

They might also offer you a plea bargain to reduce your charges to something more minor or recommend less severe punishments. This could end the case against you without risking a long prison sentence and with minimal financial cost. 

Speak to Our Skilled DUI Lawyers in Griffith Now

Without an aggressive and solid defense, which our knowledgeable and experienced Griffith DUI lawyers can provide, the consequences of a DUI conviction could ruin not only your life, but your family’s as well. Here at Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock P.C., we can review your DUI case for free, so you can better understand what you’re up against and what we can do about it. Send us a message online today to schedule your consultation with one of our DUI lawyers in Griffith. 

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