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DUI Attorneys Cedar Lake

DUI Attorneys Cedar Lake

Getting arrested for DUI can be stressful and costly. What will happen to your future? Will you lose your driver’s license or your job? Will you go to jail? You likely have all of these questions, and you want an experienced DUI lawyer answering them. 

Here is how to find a top-notch DUI attorney in Cedar Lake and why it is important to do so.

Ask the Right Questions

Feel free to take notes when you meet with potential attorneys for your DUI. Here are some things to ask (then jot down their answers):

  • How long have you been handling DUIs? How many have you handled?
  • Explain your fees. Will there be a retainer? What’s your hourly rate? Is a flat fee possible? 
  • What is your main area of expertise? What percentage of your practice is DUI defense?
  • Will I also be working with your paralegal? Will you personally handle my case from start to finish? Ask to meet the rest of the team. 
  • What is your anticipated strategy in my case? Will you try to get a plea bargain?
  • Do you share your personal cell number with your clients? 
You should be fully comfortable with your decision of an attorney to represent you in your DUI case. Never hesitate to ask questions before hiring a lawyer for your defense. 

Building Your DUI Defense

Even a first-time DUI can have serious consequences, including:

Even though a DUI might not seem all that serious, prosecutors regularly seek the maximum penalties possible, especially when a defendant does not have defense representation. Your criminal defense lawyer can examine all possible defenses in your situation and try to get your charges dismissed wherever possible. 

Even if your case is not dismissed, it does not mean that the matter will go to trial. Realistically, what will happen once you decide on the best DUI lawyer for your situation is that they will start negotiating a deal with the district attorney for you. This means that in exchange for pleading guilty up front (saving the taxpayers the cost of a jury trial), you might get a reduced sentence or charges. Also, by plea bargaining, it may be possible to keep your driving privileges. 

In many cases, your Cedar Lake DUI defense lawyer will try to get the prosecutor (or “district attorney”) to reduce your charge from Driving Under the Influence to Reckless Driving. Some of the advantages of having Reckless Driving on your record instead of a DUI include less jail time, a lower fine, shorter probation, and less time in driving school. Never plead guilty to any charges, however, without the guidance of a criminal defense attorney. 

You Need the Best Cedar Lake DUI Lawyer On Your Side

Not everyone has to be convicted of DUI charges, and not everyone convicted has to face the harshest possible penalties. Ask yourself what the price of your freedom is, and contact Tanzillo Stassin & Babcock today. We can discuss your situation and begin designing your defense strategy for your DUI case.

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